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Thursday, 02 June 2016 07:54

June 2016 - VFHC, Kenya - Building Dedication

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01 Last month Dr. Hazel Hill led a team to Africa for the grand opening and dedication of a new building at the Victory Family Home of Champions in Kisumu Kenya.

Many dignitaries from all levels of Government were in attendance to bring greetings and a grand celebration was enjoyed by everyone.

The children’s home has come a long way in the years since Victory Children’s Homes Foundation took ownership.

In that time we have seen the children become healthier and happier, the property has been updated and repaired, many new programs and initiatives have been launched, creating a vibrant and hopeful environment for all of the staff and children in the home.

02 One of the biggest changes that we have seen has been to the Victory Christian School located on site. We have a nursery school, primary school and high school. It has gone from being one of the lowest rated schools in the district to one of the best and the student body has grown leaps and bounds!

The enrollment has grown so much in the last couple of years that it 03 became necessary to build a new building that could house a computer lab, a science lab, offices and new classrooms for the high school students. The staff and teachers were delighted with this new addition to the school!

As well as more school space we have built new missions apartments where visiting missionaries and missions teams can stay while visiting the home. We can now accommodate large teams, providing them with modern, comfortable apartments.

04 We are in constant need of volunteers at the home. Short term missions teams that can come and do anything from construction and painting to sewing and gardening. We have a never ending lists of projects that can use your help. Not only that but you will have the opportunity to spend time getting to know our incredible staff and the amazing children that call this place home.

There are many fun and exciting activities available in the area that 05 teams can experience. Take a boat ride on Lake Victoria and see some hippos, visit the animal sanctuary, just down the road or take a trip to the equator and enjoy the amazing African scenery. We also have special rates available for Victory Missions Teams to enjoy an amazing safari!

Aside from short term missions teams, one thing we really need are some long term missionaries. People with special skills or just a willing heart who would come and spend 3-6 months or more at the home. We have a new life skills program that aims to give our kids valuable training in some sort of skill. This will enable them to get jobs and make a living for themselves once they leave the home. If you have a skill that you could come and teach to our older kids, we need you!!

For any and all opportunities, contact our office. We’re waiting to hear from you!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 403-286-8337

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