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Wednesday, 27 June 2018 22:04

July 2018 - VBCI Online

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We live in a rapidly changing world. Advances in communication technology and new cultural trends, keep us all on our toes.

But in the midst of all this change, the Word of God remains the same. Its powerful truths and practical wisdom are as relevant and effective today as they’ve been.

The question is: How well do you know the Bible? That’s the key to living a dynamic Christian life and it’s essential for church leadership.

What about studying online? Whether you are interested in a diploma, a degree, or just personal growth, VBCI Online makes it easy for you to get started.

Video and audio instructors teach you step-by-step, at home or on the go. With our programs you can target specific skills you need, start your journey towards a degree, or just log in for some personal study sessions. And best of all – you can do it all on your schedule and on your budget.

  • Flex Pacs - With specialized small courses in Churches are able to provide their leaders with better training and an in depth understanding of the Bible not only helping individuals deepen their knowledge of the Word, but also helping to build the church as a whole. Why not put all your small group leaders through a small group training course. They will develop skills in prayer, teaching the word, leading others and counseling abilities for small group settings. You could offer a course to new believers, building a solid foundation in the word to grow from and develop in their new found faith. There are many options available!

  • Open Studies – Open studies allow you the opportunity to log in, choose a course of your interest, deepen your knowledge on a particular study, or help you grow and improve in a certain area of ministry.

  • Conventional Studies – You can work your way to a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year diploma, or a degree, masters or doctorate in Theological Studies or Christian Counseling. All our courses are available for credit or to take as an audited course.

  • Specialized Seminars – Specialized Seminars allow us to target specific areas in ministry and in the Christian walk. You can access these seminars through our online college at a minimal cost.

VBCI FLEX: Flexible. Affordable. Theological.


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