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Jesus gave the Great Commission to every person who would ever call upon His Name for salvation and He has never changed His mind. So many times I have heard believers say that they don’t “feel called” to missions. However, the truth is the moment we gave our lives to Jesus Christ we were both “saved and called” by God. (Matthew. 28:19-20 KJV) - (2 Timothy 1:9 KJV).

tenet06Thirty-six years ago I let the Lord know that I was willing to become; to do; to go or to stay wherever and whatever He wanted. That willingness to allow Jesus to be Lord opened the door to the most amazing journey of watching God fulfill His plans & purposes in my life. I laid down my personal desire of being a commercial pilot and now I have the privilege of sharing the gospel locally and around the world. 

“...the moment we gave our lives to Jesus Christ we were both ‘saved and called’...”

God’s mission for you may be taking the gospel into the arena of business, medical, sports or the political world. Dedicating your life to Jesus is simply being willing to allow God to really be LORD in your life. Always remember that if your plans don’t require God... then they are not God’s plans for your life and will leave you living far below your God given potential. Hopefully, I will see you somewhere on the Mission Field.


Pastor Lawrence Poirier
Harvest  Life Victory Church, Cold Lake


2019 is a year of restoration and revival. This process will involve connection, covenant, and Kingdom. Purposeful connection is important in 2019. It will be dangerous and fruitless to be isolated and independent, we must connect bone to bone as in Ezekiel 37 so that the body will come into its fullness and become a mighty army. It is a time to renew our commitment to covenant relationships, those who renew covenant in this season will receive a double portion, Zechariah 9:11-12 Return to this stronghold and you will be stable in troubled times. Kingdom dynamics demand focus and priorities, seek ye first, do not be distracted from God’s purpose and destiny for you and Kingdom presence will increase in 2019, manifesting, deliverance, provision and expansion.


Pastor Lorne Davis
Victory Family Church
Swift Current, SK