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In order to make a difference in the world you need to have the right purpose, the right people, and the right plan. We believe Victory Churches has all three! 

tenet08For forty years we have passionately pursued a vision together to:

REACH every available person, by every available means, at every available time wiht the Gospel of Jesus Christ;

TEACH and train believers to walk in victory in every area of their lives, and;

MOBILIZE the army of God - releasing people into Holy Spirit led ministries at home and around the world.

And on an internatinoal level to:

To plant church-planting organizations in as many nations in the world as possible.

To raise and release Five Fold ministry teams led by key apostolic leaders in every nation..

To work together as united nations with a common purpose to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

This was the right purpose in the beginning and it’s still the right purpose today!

And we also have the right people. From North America to UK and Europe, from Asia to Africa - God has brought together an amazing family of Five Fold leaders who share the same heartbeat, the same passion, the same Victory Culture.

And we have the right plan! That’s because it’s a biblical plan: reach people with the Gospel, disciple them in vibrant local churches, mobilize Five Fold leaders to lead the way, and keep reaching for the ‘regions beyond’ until Jesus comes!

YOU are part of the wonderful world of Victory!

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