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January 2018 - God Makes His Ministering Servants A Flame Of Fire

(HEB 1:7 AMP)

Passion is an inward fire that empowers you to succeed in what God has called you to do!

There Are Three Kinds Of Flame Carriers
  1. Those with a low flame. When you don’t like what you’re doing, your desire and passion is low, and you will never be very good at it. Find something you like to do so much that you’d gladly do it for nothing! And if you learn to do it well, people will be happy to pay you for it.
  2.  Those with no flame. Who feel burned out, because of wrong priorities, pressures, problems, pain, or people. Death isn’t the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss of life is what dies inside us while we still live. One grave stone said, ‘Died at 30 - Buried at 60.’ When you find your God-given purpose, passion comes with it. Will you have to fan that flame? Yes, regularly! But it will energize you and carry you to your destination. “Fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.” 2 Tim 1:6 NIV
  3. Those who are a flame of fire! Luke 2:49 “I must be about My Father’s business.” Jesus knew what He was called to do, and He refused to allow anything to stand in the way of doing it. Aligning your priorities with your passion, empowers you to face problems with greater energy and enthusiasm. Notice that the title verse says, “ministering” servants. Your flame will always burn brightest when you are actively pursuing your ministry and pouring your life into others.

Proverbs 12:26 “The righteous should choose his friends carefully. For the way of the wicked leads them astray.”  There are two kinds of people you will meet in life: Fire-lighters and Fire-extinguishers. The first group will inspire you, encourage you, and go out of their way to help you. The second group always focus on what’s wrong and why it won’t work. They will be like a wet blanket on your vision and your dreams. Spend more time with the fire-lighters - those who fuel your faith and ignite your passion. Fire begets Fire!

Five Things You Can Do To Become A Firebrand For Yourself And Others
  1. Read the Bible daily until something comes alive on the inside. “His word is in my heart like a burning fire.” (Jer 20:9)
  2. Stay connected to the right people. “Your zeal has stirred up the majority.” (2 Cor 9:2)
  3. Stir up the gift on the inside, by frequent attempts at fresh service. (2 Tim 1:6)
  4. Get involved in challenging projects that stir your soul and employ your gifts. (1Peter 4:10)
  5. Stay full of and sensitive to, the Holy Spirit. (Eph 5:18-19)
It is estimated that there are over 200 million Christians in the Chinese Church today. One of the chief FIRE-LIGHTERS was Hudson Taylor. He is the man who said, “The sun has not once risen in China in 40 years, without finding me on my knees in prayer.” That’s Passion!

DrGeorgeLeadershipLGYour Friend and Co-Fire Lighter
Dr George Hill
Apostolic Founder and President of Victory Churches International