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Apostolic Management

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Over the years that I’ve ministered, I have seen many people come and go in the ministry. It would be easy to say that they simply didn’t have the anointing or the calling and therefore they couldn’t make it. Many times the truth is something different than that.

Most of them carried an anointing to preach and had spiritual gifts operating in their life; and I would say that there was definitely a call from God. What they lacked was organization and a clear sense of purpose to propel them forward in their calling. In other words, they lacked the management skills necessary to maintain what they were building.

No matter what you build, you can only keep what you can manage. Apostolic management is not simply sustaining what’s been built - it’s about propagating the purpose of what has been built. This means that the outward-bound nature of the apostolic purpose must be built into the very fabric. In speaking to the Corinthian church

(2 Cor. 10:14-16), the Apostle Paul stated that he expected them to expand beyond themselves. Their function was not to simply manage what he had built there; it was to manage the apostolic purpose of what was built. Paul was encouraging them to see the work as incomplete - to think not just in relationship to their local church, but also in relationship to the regions beyond it. Four Key Elements Are Needed:

1) Proper Foundations Support The Structure

If you’ve ever watched a high rise building being erected you will know that they have to put a tremendous amount of concrete in the ground to make sure that it doesn’t topple over.

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MYANMAR - “National Headquarters on the way”. - Victory Grows In Myanmar

Pastor John Albert launched the first Victory Church in Myanmar in 2013. Since then the Lord has worked with them opening blind eyes, healing many of various diseases, and delivering many from addictions and demonic torments.

Property has already been purchased and they are building a new Victory Churches Myanmar national headquarters in the city of Yangon which will contain a church, Victory Bible college, offices, and eventually a children’s home.

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