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Multiplying Leaders

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Outlining a practical process for identifying and developing emerging leaders

We’ve heard Dr. George Hill say for, “there are no shortages of opportunities within Victory Churches, only a shortage years of qualified leaders to fill them.”

This is an ongoing challenge for any organization. As one of our Ten Tenets says, “We are committed to increase as opposed to maintenance.” Jesus is coming back soon and we have much work to do. There are souls whose eternities depend on our ability to reach them. We will only reach them effectively if we have “equipped the saints to do the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). How do we equip our people to do the work of the ministry?

Here are six quick points on how to grow your people and multiply leaders:

• Develop a personal growth plan.

Mentorship is the process of taking what I’ve learned and passing it on to others. Therefore it is important for you to continually grow yourself. This only happens if you intentionally schedule personal growth time. What are you doing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to invest in yourself and your own leadership skills?

“There are souls whose eternities depend on our ability to reach them”.


• Develop a game plan to grow others.

The highest function of a leader is not just to lead others. The highest function of a leader is to build leaders who can lead others. We have to be intentional about developing a game plan to grow others. It is wise to regularly schedule leadership training meetings where you teach your staff, volunteers, and attendees about leadership theory, management techniques, and people skills like how to confront with excellence, and so on.

Put your people in the personal growth picture.

 In one of the greatest leadership books ever written, The Leadership Challenge, authors Kouzes and Posner said “Great leaders take the vision from me to we.” In his book The Tipping Point

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Pastor Dave Meyers and Pastor Dan Godard visited Kenya in October ministering in the Victory churches there and holding Leadership Training Conferences in both Nairobi and Kisumu. Hundreds of church leaders, many from other churches, also joined in and benefited greatly from some top level leadership training.

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Nairobi, Kenya


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