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• Give them a challenging project.

Giving a leader a challenging project will help determine their emotional, creative, and ability capacity. The most important of these three is emotional capacity in my opinion. Dr. Daniel Goleman says, “IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional intelligence is vital to leadership. Emotional intelligence (EQ) generally comprises the capability to be self-aware, self-managing, interpersonally effective, stress tolerant, and optimistic.” 

He asserts that EQ counts for 80-90% of the factors that distinguish average from outstanding leaders. His research indicates that the higher a leader rises in an organization, the less important technical skills become, and the more important EQ becomes.

A good leader will increase their people’s EQ by putting them in progressively more difficult situations where they have to use their leadership skills, and then giving them lots of feedback and support.

• Empower them.

There is nothing more aggravating than giving responsibility to someone and then not empowering them with the authority to carry out the responsibility. Unfortunately this kind of behaviour is far too common. 

Empowerment is about big picture. Disney doesn’t give its street sweepers four days of training because street sweeping is so complicated: Disney wants sweepers who will be able to answer any guests questions about the park.

Empowerment is about trust. The department chain Nordstrom gives its employees all their corporate rules during the first day of orientation. The rules simply read: “Rule #1: Use your own good judgement in all situations. There will be no additional rules.”

Empowerment is about accountability. Author Ken Blanchard said “Empowerment means you have the freedom to act; it also means you are accountable for results.”

John Maxwell said, “There are no limits to an organization if we put no limits on our people.”

Let’s go to work removing the limits on our people and our churches! Invest in multiplying leaders today.

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We currently have 28 slum schools in
operation throughout India reaching over 3100
children between the ages of 4 to 12, with food,
necessary medical attention and an education.

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