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Prophetic Praise
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CraigB SM

Whenever I teach on worship I encourage leaders to allow their people to experiment. Give them a chance to make mistakes and to try something new because the leadings of the Spirit come as still small “senses”, a fleeting thought or sense to “sing this”, or “play this”.

After twenty seven years as a pastor and a worship leader, I now believe that the worship carries the same weight in the service as the message! Here are some things you can do to enhance the worship experience in your church.

• Find songs that God is on right now

There is always new music coming out - Jesus Culture, Planet Shakers, iHop, Hillsongs United, and many others! If the anointing is on it for them, it will also be on it for you!

• Find the way to the secret place

That means to worshipping by yourself with your guitar or piano, or if you’re a singer – just singing. Where you’re ministering to the Lord alone! If you can’t find the way into His presence when you’re alone, you won’t be able to lead others there!

• Learn to flow spontaneously

This comes from the secret place. Learn to sing a new song to Him by singing new words over a known chord progression! Did you know that it says “sing a new song” to the Lord 87 times in the Bible! Ps 22:3 says God inhabits or is enthroned on the “Tehilla’s” of His people. That word means “open, unrehearsed, spontaneous praise” or more specifically “to sing spontaneously unto God, over an established chord pattern”! It’s saying that the praise He comes and inhabits is… Tehilla! This is a good thing to make a regular part of your practices. Play a chord progression and listen for words that the Holy Spirit may give you. Then watch His creative music begin to flow.

Remember that as we come into these last days, the music of heaven is going to flow more and more into the earth. Our job as musicians and worshipers is to hear that music and let it come through us, so that our people and our churches can enter in to the new sound that heaven is releasing!

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A Pastors Diary
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DaveM SM


5:00 am - Up for prayer and morning devotions.

7:00 am - Prepare teaching for VBCI class.

8:30 am - In the office to photocopy notes and finish preparing.

9:15 am - Teaching at VBCI.

12:00 pm - Head back to the office to answer phone calls and catch up on emails.

2:00 pm - Coaching meeting with staff member.

4:00 pm - Phone call with Pastors in the region

5:00 pm - Head home for the evening.


5:00 am - Up for prayer and morning devotions.

6:00 am - Put together the outline for Sunday's message.

8:30 am - In the office to catch up on emails and phone calls.

9:00 am - Corporate staff prayer.

10:00 am - Creative meeting (this is the weekly meeting we have to flesh out the upcoming Sunday services)

12:00 pm - Lunch meeting with a member from the congregation.

1:30 pm - Catch up on phone calls and emails.

3:00 pm - Meeting with project manager to discuss Phase 3 expansion of the church.

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