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5:00 pm - Head home.

6:30 pm - Return to the Church to teach class.

9:30 pm - Head home for the evening.


5:00 am - Up for prayer and morning devotions.

6:00 am - Work on my message for Sunday.

12:00 pm - Head to the church to catch up on my phone calls and emails

1:00 pm - Meeting with leader of our Men's Ministry.

3:00 pm - Coffee meeting with Pastor in my region.

5:00 pm - Head hom for the evening.


5:00 am - Up for prayer and morning devotions.

6:00 am - Work on my message for Sunday.

12:00 pm - Take the rest of the day off and fill my tank.

Date night with Clarisse.


5:00 am - Up for prayer and morning devotions.

6:00 am - Catch up on reading.

12:00 pm - Take off the rest of the day and fill my tank.


5:00 am - Up for prayer.

6:00 am - Go over my message for Sunday.

8:15 am - Arrive at the church. Go over sermon with media team, have a touch base meeting with Executive Pastor and production team.

9:00 am - First service.

10:45 am - Quick debrief meeting with Sunday service teams to adjust things for the next service.

11:00 am - Second Service

12:30 pm - Prayer at the alter and fellowship in the foyer.

1:00 pm - Go home for lunch and a nap.

6:00 pm - Depending on the week I may have an evening meeting at the church. (Board meeting, banquet, leadership meeting etc.)

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Thank God For Pastors
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DanielG SM

Pastor: You must stay focused. A pastor needs to stay focused in his calling without getting sidetracked or distracted. If Satan can get us focusing on things other than our calling (very often even good things), he can get us operating outside of the strength and grace that God provides.

Pastor: You must rest. God has designed us to live life in rhythm. Work then rest, then work again. If we try to break God’s design, we break ourselves. Sometimes when I am tempted to take on too much or to continue ministering beyond the point where I am healthy I repeat to myself a little mantra that goes like this, “I am a limited resource, I am not the Saviour of the World.”

Congregations: Let your pastor be human. A pastor is human and we must be careful to treat them as human beings. Give care and consideration to your pastors time, schedule, good and bad days, need for encouragement etc.. Learning to look to your pastor with honour and respect and still give them room to be human takes wisdom and maturity on the part of the church.

Congregations: Protect your pastor. “Strike the shepherd and the sheep scatter.” There is a huge amount of attack on shepherds and church members can help protect their pastors in prayer, in conversations with others, in your own heart and in daily church and ministry life.

Pastors are on the front lines of ministry. When they stay healthy and fulfill their role of leading, teaching and shepherding and when congregations love and support their pastors - a powerful synergy takes place. God’s is glorified, lives are changed, His kingdom is furthered and everyone wins. Thank God for pastors!

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