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The discipleship model Jesus gave is easy to understand. First He said “follow me.” Next He invited them to “Help Me.” Then He “helped them” and eventually they were ready to be released!

This thinking must at the core in all of our ministries. As we tell our leaders “getting your tasks done is very important, but not as important as the people you are working with!”

Building a Flow Chart

Using flow charts to visibly see how your church is organized is an invaluable tool to effectively manage a church. Drs. George and Hazel shared this vital truth with us early on in our ministry and we began working with flow charts immediately. Even new or small churches can benefit immensely! With one glance you can see how things are structured, where there is lack, and where there is opportunity for growth. As our churches grow, we continue to redraw and update our flowcharts.

Organizational flowcharts should be readily available for people to see. This removes the “mystery” of how the church is organized and presents onramps that show people how to get involved. Flowcharts also display how authority is being used, which in turn promotes accountability, builds trust and eliminates confusion.

Building a “Well Managed Church” is our responsibility!

Empowered by the grace of God, Paul said he was able to build like an “expert builder”(1 Cor 3:10). We too have a responsibility to organize our churches with excellence, making way for growth. Recently I read a statement that sums this up: “the difference between a weak church and a solid church is almost entirely up to you, the difference between a solid church and a rapidly growing church doesn’t have much to do with you.” God responds to our faithfulness with growth, so let’s work diligently to make sure our churches are “Well Managed.”

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