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Evangelist In The House

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Evangelists are well known for traveling around getting souls saved, and getting people healed and delivered. But there are far more evangelists sitting in every church. What churches really need are ‘in-house’ evangelists on the job every day!

Ephesians 4 tells us that all Christians are in the ministry. The task of the pastors and evangelists, along with the other five-fold gift ministries, is to train, motivate, and strengthen (equip) the people to do the work of the ministry. When there is an evangelist in the house standing with the pastor and the other five fold ministry gifts, the church gets edified and built up.

Evangelists deal with the beginnings of Christian Life, while pastors are involved in the development and growth of that life. We could say: The evangelist is the quarry man who digs out the rock, cuts it loose from the quarry, and works with that stone by honing it out to a rough approximation of its ultimate size. The pastor is the stone mason who shapes the rock, fitting it into the building in its proper place according to God’s blueprint.

An ‘in-house’ evangelist can do a number of things. Firstly they inspire the church by a lifestyle of soul winning. They can also teach evangelism classes; contribute their perspective to planning and programming; give leadership in church outreach events; attract other 5F evangelists to the church; and help generate an overall evangelistic climate in the church.

In order for this to work the evangelist must have the pastor’s vision and heart for the people. Pastors and evangelists must know each other well and work in unity. In order to build a strong relationship their hearts must be on the same plane spiritually. The pastor must sense the love and support of the evangelist.

When these things are in place the church can truly grow from what every joint supplies. When it happens - souls are saved, and signs, wonders, and miracles follow. Taking the good news to a bad news world!

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