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As Five Fold leaders we are called to equip the saints to evangelize. Here are some tips to engaging your church in evangelism and outreach events.

1. BIG EVENTS: Our church hosts at least three “Big Events” a year. We design these events to have multiple evangelism opportunities so that everyone can serve at a level that causes them to stretch and grow. For example, we co-host a huge Easter Egg hunt at the city’s main park. People who have never been involved in outreach get to be happy hand-wavers, welcoming people as they drive in. People who can be warm and friendly get to be face painters or hot dog servers, so they can get comfortable speaking with strangers. The next level is able to walk around being friendly and inviting people to church. Those on the top level serve in a prayer tent where people line up to receive healing, salvation and hope.

2. WEEKLY EVANGELISM CLASS: People are 90% more likely to evangelize if they are not alone. People know they are commanded by God to fulfill the Great Commission. But most people will only attempt evangelism by taking small steps, not giant leaps. We just need to lay out small enough steps to help them get there. Many began by going out in teams of three but now they evangelize on their own.

3. TRAINING: Lack of training creates a lack of confidence. Equip your people with all the information they need to be ready. Before a big event our church has a luncheon after the Sunday morning service where all the volunteers for the event get a delicious lunch with final inspiration and training straight from the pastors. This ensures that there has been no loss of communication to anyone.

4. A CULTURE OF EVANGELISM: As the senior pastor, I set the culture by what I do, and say, and promote in the church. So I evangelize and I let it show in all I do. In our Sunday morning service we always have a member share their inspiring, amazing testimonies of seeing someone healed or saved that week. This helps reinforce a culture of evangelism in the church. But unless this culture is cultivated on purpose, it will never become the culture of your church. Everything in our churches has to be on purpose or it falls to the bottom of the list. Plan it, stick to that plan, and do whatever it takes to see it come to pass!

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The key to reaching many in Muslim nations like Pakistan is to offer free education for children.

Victory Churches of Pakistan operates a number of Christian schools like this one in Faisalabad with a total enrolment of 470 in this school. On completion of their schooling, students can continue on with Victory Bible College training to prepare them for ministry leadership. VCI currently has many churches in Pakistan that are growing rapidly. Your mission’s donations help make it all possible.
Check out Victory Churches of Pakistan’s facebook page or visit

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