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The Mission of Victory Bible College is threefold. We exist to “Educate the Head, Impact the Heart and Empower the Hands”. Our goal is to move past intellectual and theological training to include more hands-on mentorship than ever before. Our Theology, Worship Arts and Counselling programs also contain character building and mentoring components, enabling us to develop well-rounded, able ministers of the Gospel.

Why does the Bible College Model of training work?

1. It’s holistic. Reminiscent of the Old Testament “School of the Prophets” and Paul’s “School of Tyrannus” (Acts 19:9-10), our students are totally immersed in a culture of God’s Word. They live together, eat together, work together, study together, pray together and minister together daily!

2. It’s intense. One year of Victory Bible school classes is roughly equivalent to fourteen years of Sunday Morning messages. That means students are challenged on a daily basis to yield to Christ’s Lordship and to develop godly character in their lives. It’s the fast track to spiritual development.

3. It’s balanced. In Victory Bible College, the students are exposed to the whole counsel of God. One well-known minister observed that most Christians are not “Word-people” - they’re “favorite Word” people.

Victory Bible College doesn’t afford students that luxury. The curriculum and assignments bring them face-toface with portions of the Bible that they may not otherwise study. The result is a balanced spiritual growth.

4. It’s mentor-active. VBCI students have the unique opportunity to be mentored by the whole five-fold ministry. This is the real strength of our program! Those with an apostolic bent can be mentored by seasoned apostles. Those with a pastoral call can be matched with experienced pastors, and so on, through every type of ministry.

5. It’s relational. Dorm life rounds out the students’ training as they are forced to deal many different personality types and various situations that arise throughout the year. We’re excited about what God is doing in the lives of our VBCI students, and we’re proud of what our graduates are accomplishing for Christ around the world.

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VCI MISSIONS gives a hand up and out of poverty through the Micro Loans Program. Featured is a T-Shirt Printing Micro Loan Project by Kenyan Youth at Breakthrough Victory Church.

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