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Reaching Youth

pg23 MiracleCAccording to World Statistics more than 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 30. Church researchers tell us that more than 50% of believers in church today received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in their teens and twenties. Together this means that there is a great need to reach the next generation. But the big question is how? In our youth group we work through the cycle of Reach, Teach, Mobilize four times every year.

Reach Month. During Reach Month everything is outward focused. We create special programs where the youth can invite and bring their unsaved friends and family. All our activities that month are geared toward unbelievers; we prepare songs, drama, dance, videos and activities that all present the gospel. We also have various evangelistic activities during the week that the youth can get involved in like prayer walks, flyer distribution, campus e-jams, street and sports evangelism, and community work projects.

Teach Month. For the next month we follow up on the new ones and get them connected to a cell group. We divide them into groups according to the area they live in. That way the youth get to know who lives around their neighborhood or goes to their school, so that they can connect with each other during the week. During the week we have bibles studies going on in different campuses. During Teach Month we have classes for everyone from new believers up to the workers and leaders.

Mobilize Month. There are specific steps of growth that we desire all our members to go through. We don’t want them to sit and be spectators, we want them to be participators. Our desire is that they grow to become leaders. So we create opportunities

and ministries where each member will have a chance to use their gifts and talents for the Lord. Plus we train them how to reach out and then the cycle begins all over again!


We started Victory Church Jalandhar under the guidance of Dr. Jeyalseelan in 2001. We started with just three people, it was a mission field for me since I belong to the hills and Punjab was a long way off. Punjab is a state in the north western region of India and it also at the border of India and Pakistan. It has 23 districts and has a population of 29,288,557 people. Our vision is to have churches in all 23 districts of the Punjab.

By Gods grace we now have a church in 13 districts, with a total of nearly 1500 members in the Punjab region. It is a humble beginning, a spark which we believe God will use to bring revival in the land of Punjab.

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In addition to this we also run “I CARE” - a Disability Support Unit which teaches and trains special needs children. The program includes teaching for the blind, counseling for families, and vocational training. We also provide free education to children who are orphaned or very poor so that our special children get a feel of how it is to study and behave with children.

We believe by Gods grace and under the guidance of Dr. .Jey and Lizy Jeyseelan we will continue to grow to fulfill our purpose and calling. Attending the Victory World Conference in Canada opened our eyes to see the bigger picture of the things God is doing through Victory Churches and inspired us to work even harder in the ground where He has planted us.

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