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We had just come out of World Conference, and like sparks from a forest fire, new vision was landing in nations around the globe. Our Victory Asia annual Summit saw 180 national leaders from 12 countries gather in Thailand. Summit is like a meeting of the nobles, the floor is open for discussion, plans, answers and stories.

Testimonies turn to tears, worship becomes wonderful, prayer begets prophecy and we come away mobilized for the next season. Hundreds of new missionaries being trained, thousands more souls to be saved, and a dozen new churches being planted.

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What are we doing to expand the kingdom of God here in the D.R. Congo Democratic Republic of Congo?

1. We are putting into practice the VCI VISION every day.

2. We are making Disciples by teaching them the word of God.

3. We are training them and sending them after being trained to go planting churches.

4. We are also using the radio broadcast evangelism program to reach people from Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh and so on... from the Muslim countries.

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D.R. Congo

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Bishop Amisi & Rebecca

5. We are also doing trips around different churches in other areas and provinces just to visit and to spy the land, doing seminars and training to let them stay in VCI VISION!


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