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BLESS FAIZABAD FESTIVAL Recent crusade meetings in both Faizabad and Siliguri saw over 8000 saved along with many miracles of healing and deliverance! Such “Gospel Festivals” are part of a strategy to win souls and establish new Victory churches in every state of India. Under the leadership of Dr. Jey and Lizzy Jeyseelan national leaders are being trained and plans are in motion to launch many new churches in these and other locations.

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pg26 DavidPWe were preparing to move to Rwanda to be directors and development officers at Victory Bible College and Children’s Home. But a constant pain started to develop. After numerous doctor appointments, a CT scan showed some masses in my abdomen. I was advised I had terminal stage four cancer with two years to live. Shocked, we prepared for the worst.

But with the support of many friends and Dr Hazel Hill we were led on a path of healing.

Before surgery they advised me that if there was more cancer than originally thought, they would not go through with it. They found twice as much. I told the surgeon to cut out what ever she had to, God would guide her hand. All the large intestine, colon, some of my liver, and a multitude of other masses throughout were removed.

I just kept believing and speaking God’s word. Prayers went up from the DR Congo, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, North America, many other countries, and hundreds of believers at home. I asked God to have my surgeon tell me I was 100% cancer free. PRAISE GOD! November 2, 2015 she told me I was 100% CANCER FREE!

Our God is a great God! | David Plante

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