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Multi-Ethnic Ministry

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Global population
trends predict that nearly a third of the world’s population will move from villages to cities in the next two decades. This means local churches will have to make decisions regarding how they will address the issue of multiculturalism. Church leaders must recognize that this presents a tremendous opportunity to see thousands come to Christ.

To begin with, church leaders must take a critical look at their congregation’s mindset. Is their church’s culture open or resistant to those of different cultures? It will eventually have to move beyond being merely multiethnic to become truly multi-cultural.

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The second step the church must take is the inclusion of different ethnic groups in the decision-making process of the church. Are various culture groups included in shaping the church’s programs and the future direction of the church? Without inclusion of various cultures and ethnic groups, the church will remain monocultural in its services and programming.

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The Victory Church is fruitful
and muliplying in Cambodia!

Pastor Ronald and Cynthia were released by Victory Churches in the Philippines in 2014 to begin church planting in Cambodia. They settled in Siem Reip and began learning the language and sharing the Gospel with local people.
Through prayer God led them to focus their outreach on children and students. They quickly seized every opportunity to teach and share in local schools and university campuses. As the church grew they mobilized new believers to reach out to outlying villages. By providing a bath and clean clothes for the children they won much favour with the villagers, resulting in many more salvations.

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