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Prophetic Praise

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A number of years ago the Lord asked me a question. I was in the middle of putting together a basic church worship manual that would highlight the fundamentals of how to have a good worship team and worship service. I had come to the end of the manual and my last topic was “What will worship be like in the future”?

What came up in my heart as I pondered this was: “Do they have song lists in heaven”? I knew it was the kind of question The Lord would ask because I’d never even thought of such a thing before! As a musician and worship leader for a number of years, I was used to song lists. I thought “No lists… because the Holy Spirit speaks to each person, each singer, each musician telling them what song to sing, chord to play, change to make”!

“We train our worship teams and leaders to listen for the launching places”


Then He said something that astounded me, “Before you come home you’ll have that same thing there on the earth”! Imagine a service where the presence of the Lord is so strong that all the worship team just follows His lead as we sing and play!

Have you ever been playing or singing in a worship service and one song just totally comes alive? It’s like the anointing is all over it - the band just flows effortlessly, the congregation comes alive, you could just play it over and over!

So one day we did an experiment - we just kept on playing it! But as we played new words began coming up in our thoughts! So stepped out in faith again and we sang them!!

Incredibly, it took the song to another level! The worship team was singing spontaneously and the whole church joined in! Since then we have made it our goal at my church, Southside Victory, to always ask, “What is the Holy Spirit creating in our worship service”? And we began to learn a whole to way to worship. For example, we learned not to sing a whole bunch of complicated words but simple lines that could be repeated by the whole congregation!

Now we train our worship teams and leaders to listen for the launching places - those places that for some reason just ‘catch’ and the song begins to come alive!

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