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Putting The Word First

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Every teacher’s job is to ensure that the people of God grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the Word. This means teaching people how to study the Word of God for themselves. Knowledge of their doctrines and beliefs is the best defense-mechanism against false teachings and a proven way to prevent error.

Even if they do not possess the five-fold ministry gift of a teacher, a senior pastor must still be able to teach. With prayer, practice, and persistence we can all get better over time. 2 Timothy 2:24 says “The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach”.

Building a strong foundation in the Word takes a consistent prayer life, accurate Bible interpretation, dedicated times of devotion, and the willingness to be taught. There are several things we must consider when following this process:

1. Grasp the text in their town. What did the text mean to the original audience? Who was speaking and to whom were they speaking? What was going on at the time?

2. Measure the width of the river to cross. What are the differences between the biblical audience and us? This means comparing cultural differences.

3. Cross the bridge of principle. What is the theological principle contained in this text?

4. Consult the biblical map. How does the theological principle fit with the rest of the Bible?

The principle should fit well with a systematic understanding of the Word of God.

5. Grasp the text in our town. How should individual Christians today live out this principle?

These five steps will help any pastor develop an effective disciplined study regimen of effective biblical interpretation. It will also give him confidence and boldness as he delivers the Word of God. Good leaders will train their people in these disciplines and encourage them to study on their own with confidence.


Three different individuals this year have designated a part of their estate to VCI. A wonderful older lady in Ontario recently passed away leaving a sum of $80,000 CDN to Victory Children’s Homes! Though we shared the family’s grief, imagine the joy her generous gift has brought to hundreds of children in Africa, Asia, and Mexico!

Do you have a Will? Have you considered donating part of your estate to the worldwide work of Victory Churches International? God put you in His will! Why not put God in yours?

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For more information on how you can include Victory in your Last Will & Testament please contact the Victory accounting department at:

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