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The Victory Vision

In order to make a difference in the world you need to have the right purpose, the right people, and the right plan. We believe Victory Churches has all three! For over thirty years together we have passionately pursued a vision to:

Reach every available person, by every available means, at every available time with the Gospel of Jesus Christ;

Teach and train believers to walk in victory in every area of their lives, and;

Mobilize the army of God – releasing people into Holy Spirit-led ministries at home and around the world.

And on an international level to:

• To plant church-planting organizations in as many nations in the world as possible.

• To raise and release Five Fold ministry teams led by key apostolic leaders in every nation

• To work together as united nations with a common purpose to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.

This was the right purpose in the beginning and it’s still the right purpose!

And we also have the right people. From North America to UK and Europe, from Asia to Africa – God has brought together an amazing family of Five Fold leaders who share the same heartbeat, the same passion, the same Victory Culture.

And we have the right plan! That’s because it’s a biblical plan: reach people with the Gospel, disciple them in vibrant local churches, mobilize Five Fold leaders to lead the way, and keep reaching for the ‘regions beyond’ until Jesus comes!


Joining a larger movement is a great benefit to a local church, enlarging its vision, fellowship, and opportunities to make a bigger impact. New churches, in turn, can add fresh perspectives and new strengths to the greater family, expanding its vision and scope of ministry.

The church must ask itself the following questions:

1. Are we motivated by a Biblical conviction of the need for apostolic relationships?

2. Are we in sincere agreement with the articles of faith, governmental structures, policies and procedures of Victory Churches?

3. Are we ready to fully participate in the vision.

4. Are we prepared work at building the relationship?

Great relationships take time to build but they are always more than worth the effort. Once a church is satisfied that it truly shares the same vision and same heart as Victory we ask for an official letter of application. The next twelve months is considered an engagement period, giving the church time to bring all aspects of its ministry into harmony with both the spirit and the structure of VCI before being granted full affiliation. This is the time to make adjustments in their operations and begin contributing to financially to the support of VCI church planting and missions with their tithes.

At the end of this twelve month period, if all goes well, the church will be welcomed into full membership with the signing of the Affiliation Agreement.

There is a place for YOU in Victory too!

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