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The future of Global Missions looks bright as we reach new nations and rally the troops to reach the regions beyond. 

We have no time to waste , for the fields are white unto harvest and the clock is ticking!

See page 33 for planned VCI Mission trips for the whole family in 2020.

WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We can reach the nations TOGETHER!

CUBA  |  Our latest nation. We have currently connected with a local minister and his family who has been in ministry for many years in that nation evangelizing and preaching all around the eastern part of that nation. Cuba has been under heavy Communist control for generation and is starting to experience a great spiritual awakening. Victory plans to be a part of what God is doing in seeing the nation transformed with the freedom of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

HAITI  |  Over the past 2 years since joining Victory an Apostolic revival movement is happening like never before in Haiti. We now have 7 orphanages. Which are needed due to the devastating earthquakes and hurricanes that tore through the land.  Currently we have 97 churches, Victory Bible Satellite Colleges in 7 different Provinces. In total we have 300 students.

INDIA  |  Dr Jey has started Blessing Festivals Healing crusades a few years ago. At these festivals thousands of people come to be blessed, get a healing and receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He and his team work very hard to administrate and hold these worthwhile and effective meetings. God follows his Word with signs and wonders. Truly a sight to behold.

KENYA  |  Victory Childrens Home in Kisumu Kenya is raising up nationals to run  the home, the school and a thriving church. Currently there are 51 full time National paid staff members, a Victory Children’sHome for orphans and Christian school from pre school to High School run by nationals.

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