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It’s true that there are many things about our lives that we cannot control – the weather, the economy, and so on. But in the long run, those aren’t the things that really determine our course in life. As the poet said, “One ship sails east, and another west, by the self-same winds that blow. ‘Tis the set of the sails and not the gales, that tells the way we go.

tenet05It’s the things that we CAN control that ultimately determine our destiny – things like our desires, our choices, and our knowledge. As believers, we may desire to serve the Lord, and choose to follow him, but it is our knowledge that will ultimately determine how fruitful we are as ministers.

In order to be a fruitful Christian you need to know the will of God and the Word of God. You need to become skillful in the Word, thoroughly familiar with its promises, its doctrines, its history, and its prophecies. Victory Bible College offers tremendous Bible training at every level – from new believers courses, all the way up to doctoral degrees in theology and counselling. Most courses are available in online video which is great for either individual studies or group video classes in the local church. Why not deepen your knowledge of God’s Word?


Bradley T. Dewar 
M. Th. - Dean, Victory Bible College
Calgary, AB