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I love our Victory Vision. It contains within it the capacity to reach every tribe, tongue, nation and people group in the world, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

VISION is a seeing word. A God-given vision gives you a glimpse of what the future could look like. Once you catch a glimpse of what it could look like, you will never be content with the way it is now. There is an awful lot more to life, marriage and family, Christianity, church and ministry, than any of us have ever experienced. And I want the more. If the passion is strong enough, the cost doesn’t matter. 

PASSION is a feeling word. In a church and a movement like Victory we all need to see the same thing. But passion is a feeling word, and feelings are dependent on your unique gifting and calling on your life. You will never be really successful at anything if you don’t have a strong passion for it. 

There is only one answer to defeat: VICTORY! We don’t quit till we win!

We must let the fear of God be the biggest fear in our lives.

• What you can do is determined by your ability and skills

• What you must do is determined by your passion and calling

• What you will do is determined by your surrender to the will of God

This also means conquering your fears. Feel the fear and do it anyway. God told Joshua to be strong and very courageous and do it! Why? because he was afraid of taking over from Moses.

COURAGE is not the absence of fear it is the conquest of fear.

My biggest fear was speaking in front of people. So, after I had received Christ, He supernaturally made a way for me to become a full-time, highly paid electrical instructor in a secular college. I would have quit many times, but I knew that if I quit out of fear, I would miss out on what God wanted to do in me and through me.


Here are a few sayings in Victory that have stuck with us, because they are Meaningful, Motivational and Magnificent.

• The happily terrified feeling. Happy because God wants to use me. Terrified because of what God wants me to do.

• There is only one answer to defeat: VICTORY! We don’t quit till we win!

• God loves you and Pastor George has a good plan for your life. (And I usually do because I am interested in you and want Gods best for your life).

• I call my wife Hazel, Die Hard #4. Nothing can stop her! She is the most resilient person I have ever met.

• The Five-Fold Revolution from Ephesians 4:11-16 By releasing the whole Five-Fold ministry to the whole church, we release the whole church to reach the whole world.

• We have a Victory Vision, a Victory Family, and a Victory Spirit - one that looks for the good, believes the best, and is willing to take a risk on people.

We have capsulized the Victory Vision into nine powerful words which includes both the vision and the process. This makes it easier to remember, repeat and reproduce.

ReachTeachMobilize | Leadership Development, Church Expansion, World Missions

The Victory Vision is local, regional, national and international. It is multifaceted, multicultural, and multigenerational.

1 Corinthians 15:57 “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our name, ‘Victory’ was given to us prophetically, from this verse of scripture.



Christianity is all about believing. These signs will follow them that believe. What you believe determines how you behave, good or bad, right or wrong. What you believe determines where you will spend eternity, in heaven or in hell!


A part of God’s family in heaven and on earth - The Royal Family.


Everything God called you to be, and do everything He called you to do.

Life should be a series of daring adventures launched from a safe place. Courage is the conquest of fear, not the absence of fear.

The Victory Vision and Family provides a safe place for people to attempt ‘Big Things for God.’

Yours for the next Daring Adventure in Christ!


Dr. George Hill
Apostolic Founder of Victory Churches International