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The Purpose of VCI


Vision Springs From Purpose - Romans 8:28; Proverbs 19:21; Proverbs 20:5

  • God is a God of Purpose
  • Everything In Life Has A Purpose
  • If You Don’t Know the Purpose of Something You’ll Abuse It

The Basic Purpose of Our Local Churches is 3-Fold

  1. Evangelism - To reach every available person at every available time by every available means with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Discipleship - To establish them in the local church, teaching and training them to become like Christ.
  3. Mobilization - To mobilize the army of God, to help each person to find his or her place and function in the Body of Christ.

The Basic Purpose of a National Church Planting Organization

  1. To raise up and release 5-Fold ministry giftings into Holy Spirit directed service.
  2. To plant church-planting churches that will continue to work together for the purpose of reproducing leaders and churches.
  3. To give apostolic oversight and direction to churches planted, assuring healthy growth.

The Basic Purpose of Victory Churches International

  1. To plant church-planting organizations In as many nations of the world as possible.
  2. To raise up apostolic teams with a key apostolic leader in each nation.
  3. To release developed 5-Fold ministry giftings into Holy Spirit directed service to the nations.
  4. To work Together as nations united with a common purpose to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus.