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Thursday, 02 March 2017 17:57

March 2017 - Victory Asia Update

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01 Dr. Hazel and Pastor Carin McCoy from Barrie, ON took a trip Asia in December 2016 to visit some of our nations and to see the ministry that they are doing. We have some great people in these nations that are doing some incredible things for God!
If you are looking for a place to serve, these nations would be thrilled to host you. Long term individuals or short term teams are always welcome in our Victory nations!

Cambodia was the first stop on their journey! Pastors Ronald & Cynthia are doing an amazing job there and had their official grand opening service in December. 02 They had about 200 people in attendance for their first service and they saw dozens come to Christ!

They also have lots of programs that are reaching into the communities around Siem Reap and attracting a young and vibrant group of people with a real passion for God. Pastor Ronald is very focused on raising up the next generation of apostolic leaders to take the nation of Cambodia for Christ.

The second nation they visited was Malaysia. Pastors Ezekiel and Mary are running a strong ministry in a predominantly Muslim nation. 03The team in Malaysia were thrilled to host Dr. Hazel and Pastor Carin. Malaysia is one nation that doesn’t get many missions teams. It is difficult to evangelize there because of the Muslim government and laws. However, because of that there is also a great need and there are many ways that you could make a difference.

This year are looking at expanding into some new areas and moving into a new building that will give make them more visible in their community, opening the door for evangelism opportunities. 04 While Dr. Hazel & Pastor Carin were there, they held a leadership training seminar and also visited a small Christian school that they have for refugees in a city outside of Kuala Lumpur. The children in the school were extremely excited to have visitors.

The final stop on their Asian adventure was Myanmar. The team in Myanmar, headed up by Pastor John Albert, are a young team that are full of passion and vision. There is a lot of need in Myanmar right now as the ministry there is exploding! While there Dr. Hazel had the opportunity to dedicate the new building that we have just completed construction on.

05Pastor John has a vision to plant a Victory Church in all 12 states in the nation. They also have a Bible College up and running now and teachers would be very welcome to come and teach a course. If you are a pastor or Bible College graduate, this could be a great opportunity for you. The building also has a couple of missions apartments and a fully functioning church on site.

We are also thrilled to be starting a new Children’s Home in Myanmar this month! There are hundreds children that have been orphaned or abandoned in a war torn part of the nation near the Chinese border. 06All the children that we will be rescuing are under 6 years old and have no one in the world to care for them. If this is something you would like to get on board with, please contact our office so we can help you do that.

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