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Friday, 26 May 2017 21:21

June 2017 - VCI Missions Overview


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VCI Missions is reaching every available person, at every available time, by every available means! At the close of this year, we want to look back and reflect on all that we have been able to accomplish through the generous donations and support of our Victory Family and friends. 

Bible Colleges:

New Bible Colleges are starts every year. It is our goal to establish at least 1 Victory Bible College in every nation.

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Feeding Programs:

Along with daily/weekly feeding programs in many nations, we also have the Global Christmas Feeding program every year. This program provides a Christmas feast and celebration for orphans and street children in over 20 nations around the world every year! 

Victory Christian Schools:

We have thriving Christian schools in many nations that provide quality biblical based education to children in need. It is also an open door to families to share the gospel. Here are a few of the nations that we currently have schools:

  • Cambodia
  • Kenya
  • Pakistan

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Child Sponsorship:

The Victory Sponsorship program is always in need of more sponsors. We have hundreds of needy children that are waiting for someone like you. With a new home in Myanmar, there will be a lot of new children in desperate need of a sponsor. Thank you to all of our sponsors! You are making a difference.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to start sponsoring a child in this new year!

You won’t regret it!

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Orphanage Support:

We support many children’s homes around the world that care for the orphaned and abandoned children. Providing them with a loving home, food and the Gospel of Christ. A NEW home has just been started in Myanmar. Rescuing abandoned children from a war-torn part of the nation near the Chinese border. 

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Not4Sale started a new home in Ensenada, Mexico this year. This home will rescue children that have been sold into the sex slave industry and give them a future and a hope in a place of safety.

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Sew Love:

Sew Love provides education to our young adults in Africa once they have graduated from the children’s home. This provides these kids with a quality post-secondary education and opportunities for a better future.

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Life Skills:

The life skills program is teaching the children in our orphanages a valuable trade so that they can make a better future for themselves.

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Crusades are reaching tens of thousands of people every year with the good news of Jesus Christ and we are seeing thousands of people come to Christ.

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Building Projects:

  • Pakistan – New building construction was started for the church in Victory Town, Lahore
  • India – Construction was completed for the new Bible College in New Delhi, India
  • Myanmar – Construction of a new headquarters/Bible College/Church was completed in Yangon, Myanmar. This building will also be used to house our NEW Children’s Home. 
  • Kenya – Construction of a new building was completed in Kisumu that will house classrooms and missionary apartments.

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