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February 2020 - Global Christmas Feeding Program THANK YOU

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December 2019 marks the 7th Year of the Victory Churches International Global Christmas Feeding Program.

This program was designed as a single day event to reach out to street children, orphans, and the most vulnerable members of society in nations around the world with an opportunity to hear the Gospel, and to see that Gospel in action in the form of a hot Christmas feast. Through these last 7 years, you, along with your churches and nations, have invested in the lives of over one hundred thousand men, women and children.

Tens of thousands of meals. Tens of thousands of smiles. And most importantly, tens of thousands of lives touched by the power of the Gospel and tens of thousands of hearts turned to the Father.

December 2019 was no exception, and the Global Christmas Feeding Program was again, a tremendous success.As the Victory Family, we were able to distribute over $20,000 among 19 ministries and projects in 15 nations.This represents over 18,000 of the poorest and most vulnerable people being served and loved by your brothers and sisters around the world. 18,000 people seeing the love of Christ in action and hearing the truth of the Gospel.

Many times, we have no idea what we are a part of, and no idea how much our giving may mean to someone. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you.

To every church that is a part of this Victory Family, and to every person that calls that church home, THANK YOU!

On behalf of every nation, every child and every family that was impacted as a result of the 2019 Global Christmas Feeding Program, THANK YOU!

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